Survey: user interface - we need your opinion!


Dear Tribler community,
Tribler 7.5 is going to feature quite a lot of changes and optimizations over the previous versions. Tribler GUI went through a lot during the last few years, but there is still much more work to do. One thing that has not changed in years in Tribler GUI is the home screen (big letter-thumbnails showing “recommendation”). We now consider replacing it with something else or removing it altogether.

So, we ask you, our users:
What would you prefer to see at the Tribler Home screen?



I would like it if column sizes would be remembered so I do not have to always set them over and over


What would be nice, would be some sort of confirmation that you are indeed connected anonymously. A self check of some sort, and a warning when anonymity may be compromised.

News on Tribler’s development could also be interesting, provided that this is also downloaded anonymously of course, so as not to give away that you’re using this program.

What I would like - although it isn’t as much related to the home screen - is for the web interface to work. With NAS’s and Raspberry Pi’s becoming more powerful, I would like run Tribler on these devices and access Tribler through mediacenter interfaces (e.g. Kodi). Having a Kodi add-on would probably help in increasing Tribler’s user base.

I don’t think I’ve ever downloaded anything from the recommendations. I wouldn’t miss them.


First of all, I think there should be an ındication of Nat TYPE + Nat Status.

Also IPV8 Communıty Status on GUI.

If there is not healthy Community connection, all UI operations requires network should be locked. (search, download, subs etc…)


When starting a new download, starting download should not be active if the metadata request is unseccuesfull, I think should also be on the core side as well. Libtorrent raises exception otherwise anyways


For search results and channels results:

I woudl lıke to have trorrent helth to be checked automatıcallz, but ofc this would result quıte overhead to overcome this

a paginated result window would be helpfull, ie: 20 results per page and an option to navigate next and previous pages.

Also for channels who have big number of torrents, the query i think should be made by the sort order of the user. This waz user can browse 20K torrents channels without waiting to snychronize all of them


Speed graph in by time per torrent download details



Also for channels who have big number of torrents, the query i think should be made by the sort order of the user. This waz user can browse 20K torrents channels without waiting to snychronize all of them

Sorry, can’t understand you here. If you subscribe to a channel, it is downloaded completely, and you can use whatever sorting you want. Did you mean that Tribler should remember your sorting preferences?


I read my post again I also did not understand.

What I want to say is, when there is a channel which has a huge number of torrents. When the user first opens the channel, he/she she sees random torrents added 2 or 3 years ago.

However the user generally wants to see latest torrents then navigate to the older by page.

You are right about subscribing but it takes a big load of time to subscribe those big channels, mostly users dont have this attention span or dedication to use a software.


“Downloading” tab. I can’t see reason to put there something else…


Good point. We will consider switching default sort order to “Most recent torrents first”.


Dowload location only has a history of 5, make it a option to fill in yourself.


I think the home screen should have at bare minimum a few things indicating network status and health.

  1. Number of connections
  2. NAT type and number of connection attempts/successes/failures
  3. Network Speed as well as indication of traffic used as an exit node (if you are one)
  4. Age and progress of update of Trustchain (unless I am incorrect in the way the trustchain works) with traffic consumed by chain updates

Trying to make sense of the raw data in the debug window is frustrating, and visualizing that might be easier to tell if your installation is working correctly.



Toggle left mouse click show and unshow Torrent information. Now you have to switch to downloads and back to all for this layout to go away.


Nice idea, we’ll do it!


I have considered security and besides the hops there should be more done to trick trolls and make their lives miserable.


What do you meant by “tricking the trolls” exactly? Please, be more specific.


A few things I’d like to see added to the GUI

  • Sortable Peers table
  • Filter by Active non seeding files
  • More DHT and Swarm information
  • Display current connection port that is used for firewalled users

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