How to donate / buy you a cup of coffee


hi all,
great job on Tribler. I really appreciate that you’re building this from a nonprofit standpoint, to help create an open and free web.
How do i “buy you a cup of coffee”, i.e. how do i donate to your foundation? Did i miss the info on your website?


Thanks for you support, @Rik1 !
It is always nice to hear someone appreciating our work :blush:

Buying us coffee is not the best way to help us, though - we’re getting enough of it from TU Delft (though the quality is mediocre, to say the least). At the moment, the best way to help us is to download the latest Tribler RC, run it, find some bugs and file a proper bugreport at GitHub. Or give your opinion on the GUI stuff and future direction of the project.

Nothing feels like a properly filed, reproducible bug report with a working test case. It feels even better than Vanilla Cappuccino Latte with Cream topping :coffee: :wink: