Seeding but no data transfer


I leave Tribler running in the background in order to allow seeding. However, I don’t notice any upload data transfer. I left it running for over 2 hours now just to check, and not even one MB was uploaded (when I look at my token balance for given to community). I notice that once it has finished downloading, then the SEEDS and PEERS columns go to zero, even though it still says seeding. This is for all my downloaded files.


Try and seed not as anonymous and you will probably see upload, Almost nobody else uses anonymous, which is strange.


Yes agree, because then why use Tribler for seeding, which is supposed to be anonymous


Agreed. I always found it strange to develop an anonymous service but then require one end to be left open (not referring to an exit node). Without a vpn my isp blocks tribler if both ends are not anon. You should always use a good vpn. Tribler does have a message stating that you have to make certain that your ISP allows exit nodes.
It’s similar to using Tor browser to chat on discord. Kind of defeats the purpose.


Rather than Tribler bug, that’s probably a feature of the BitTorrent protocol. See, hidden seeding is much slower than direct seeding. On the other hand, BitTorrent prioritizes the fastest peers available. So, if anyone seeds torrent X directly, while you seed it through Tribler, you will see almost no traffic on it.
If you are the sole seeder of the torrent, but cannot download it from other machines, that is definitely a bug.