Win10 installation stuck at "Checking Tribler version"


Help! My tribler version was not updating, stuck on a very old version. I thought I would uninstall, delete all folders related to tribler and reinstall the latest version. I’ve tried 6.5.2 and then 6.5.1 and the experimental version 6. At each time the installation sticks with a message bar showing “Checking Tribler version”. I suspect that the problem is therefore with me or my laptop but would appreciate some guidance!

I’m running Windows 10, which is as up to date as possible, anti virus software is AVG Free and it’s a HP Pavilion Laptop.



Hi, did you remove the folder located in %APPDATA% ?


Have you checked your computer for presence of Malware?


I agree, it looks like malware.
Use malvarebayts. I have a Mac OS, I use this resource


I would recommend that you remove the app manually. There is no need to install any anti-virus or apps on that matter. Usually that does the trick, you can follow the instructions in this article. Just follow the steps for the uninstall, it should be strait forward unless in has shadow copies and reinstalls itself again. It works for mac os and also windows.