Will Tribler ever support the more secure libtorrent 2.0.4?

If not, will tribler ever update to the newer libtorrent 1.2.14?

We’re going to move to Libtorrent 2.0 eventually. Though, adding support for the new infohash format will change every part of Tribler, it is too much work for now. Regarding the 1.2.14 move, we planned it for the upcoming Tribler 7.11, but we found a nasty bug in 1.2.14 that breaks the hidden seeding feature of Tribler. We reported the bug and Arvid added the fix to 1.2.x branch, but we will probably still release with the last version of Libtorrent that does not contain that bug: 1.2.12.
So, to recap:
Tribler 7.11 : Libtorrent 1.2.12 (or patched 1.2.14)
Tribler 7.12 or later - Libtorrent 2.0 without new BitTorrent 2.0 hashes support
Sometime in 2022: Libtorrent 2.0 with hashes support

But why would you exactly need Libtorrent 2.0?

  1. Per-file hash trees. I am curious if this will solve many torrents containing the exact same file. So instead of many different torrents to get the file I want (and with varying seeder counts), I can get the file I want from multiple different torrents. I also don’t like how the file I want is sometimes packaged in a torrent. And sometimes the exact same file exists in different torrents. I’m also the type of downloader that only downloads the file I want and not the meaningless files that usually exist, therefore I don’t look like a seeder contributing to the health of the torrent. So perhaps per-file hashes will show the file health, not just a torrent health.

  2. SHA1 hash collisions.