Why subscribe to a channel?

What is the purpose of subscribing to a channel?

  • When you subscribe to a channel, you can browse it completely. When the channel is not subscribed, you only a small part of its contents, randomly selected - that’s “Preview mode”.
  • Subscribing to a channel guarantees that contents of the channel on your machine will be up to date.
  • Your machine starts seeding and spreading around the subscribed channel, thus increasing the channel’s availability and popularity.

I assume from your reply since I don’t browse channels then there’s no advantage for me subscribing to a channel. Typically I search for content that I am specifically looking for or use a magnet link.

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Currently, there is still advantage towards subscribing to a big channel, because the search feature will only search your local database and 5 remote peers. If none of the searched peers are subscribed to a big channel, your search results will be poor.

So, if you want to get better search result in regards to e.g. anime, you should subscribe to a big anime-hosting channel.