Why not seeing torrents?


Why can’t I see torrents in the channel?

Why doesn’t “updating” seem to be updating/discovering torrents in a channel?

I can see some torrents in other channels. I can also share torrents. So something is working.


Ok, I admit it, our UX is seriously lacking… There are three problems:

  • we do not indicate clearly the current state of the channel - in your case, it is in the “Preview” state, meaning it has not yet downloaded and started processing.
  • we do not clearly show the progress of the channel downloading/processing - in your case, the :hourglass: mark indicates the channel is either downloading or processing. Tribler 7.6 solves this by adding progress bars to channels.
  • our channel processing is extremely slow - this is the result of a couple of severe bugs that are already addressed in Tribler 7.6, which will be released in a couple of weeks.

So, stay tuned for 7.6!