When will Tribler allow me to sell my trust tokens for Ethereum

When will the Tribler devs allow us to sell our trust tokens for Ethereum. This would give trust tokens real economic value and encourage users to provide for the Tribler network and would even allow them to earn pocket money. It would work best as a tab next to downloads called “Market.” This technology could even allow for users to trade cryptocurrency for other cryptocurrency, such as Eth to BTC, or Tribler Trust Tokens to XMR.


Thanks for your suggestion! Tribler bandwidth tokens are not a regular cryptocurrency (even though they are named a token) in a sense that there is no limited supply. As such, their economic value is questionable. As a first step, we wish to get the dynamics of bandwidth tokens correct. We have a writeup with our ideas for further developments which can be found here. One of these ideas (described around the end of the document) is to build a ‘market of interactions’ where you can transfer some of your reputation to other users in the network. Building such a mechanism, however, is a multi-faceted challenge and requires significant research in various (distributed systems) topic before it reaches deployment.