What if I want to directly send trust tokens to another user

I would like to monetize my exit node by selling trust tokens on the internet for crypto, but in order to do that I would have to transfer my trust tokens to another Tribler user directly. Tribler cannot do that, how long do I have to wait for that feature?

Transfer it to other User would also be nice to use the earned tokens on another PC.

The tokens system is under heavy development now, so it is most probably will change a lot in the future. Also, we gravitate towards non-transferrable reputation system in our design.


Thanks a lot for the details :slight_smile:

Is there a file where the tokens are saved within the tribler folder ? Like a wallet.dat in bitcoin that could be moved to another computer ?

The token balance materializes from individual transactions that are saved on our lightweight distributed ledger. This information is stored in sqlite/bandwidth.db. However, copying that file to another computer is not enough: you also need to copy your public/private cryptographic key pair to securely link the tokens to your identity. The public/private key pair is stored in ecpub_multichain.pem and ec_multichain.pem, respectively.

However, some nasty issues might arise when doing so. First, you are now managing the same identity on two computers, which could result in the generation of conflicting information (e.g., two transactions that try to spend the same balance). Second, the public/private key pair is used by other components in Tribler such as for channel management. All in all, transferring tokens to another PC can be (made) possible but there are caveats.

Thank you for that information, this is very helpfull. Then i will only run one instance at one time, i think this should avoid such problems.

My plan is to run Tribler on a VPS to earn tokens and then use them to download stuff at my computer at home :slight_smile: