What about Garlic Routing among other things

Hello Tribler team,
I have been using I2P for a while. One if its main features that differientates it from py-IPv8 is garlic routing. Garlic routing is an ehancement of onion routing that combines multiple messages into one clove to improve speed and resist traffic analysis. Also, when will you make mandatory the DHT security extension for libtorrent. It is desgined to protect against a few specific attacks against the bittorrent DHT. By refusing to connect to peers that do not implement it, you can help prevent DHT snooping and some active attacks. more at libtorrent You might also want to integrate UDP trackers with py-IPv8. Also, when will you upgrade from the insecure libtorrent v1 to libtorrent v2.

All the best,

Regarding I2P, I have already tried to talking with Tribler team about it.

I have also had discussion about v2 with them. They have said - they would have to change everything to apply V2 and thus stalling that update.

No update about I2P though or about closed system.