Watch Folder in Tribler 7.0.0-rc4


What does that option do?


BTW, nice work Professor Pouwelse, Tribler’s running like I dreamed it would back in the beginning of 2012. I’m 90% sure that improving Tribler for a few hours everyday would be my only hobby. I’m gonna leave it running on my 24mbps unlimited broadband connection now. To keep improving Tribler from core level up to the GUI, for now I’ll be reading these books since I have known nothing beneath the GUI…
Scott, J Clark - But How Do It Know
Kernighan, Ritchie - The C Programming Language, 2nd edition
Igor Zhirkov - C, Assembly, and Program Execution on Intel® 64 Architecture
Robert Sedgewick - Algorithms in C


Running Windows 10. There still seems to be the problem mentioned a couple releases ago where the UI does not always update when a torrent is added. If I change anonymity to 2 hops, then back to 1, for example, I see I’ve been downloading while the UI had previously been stuck indicating “waiting for metadata.”

Also, still sometimes has the issue of never closing unless I axe the debug window. One consequence I’ve seen of this is when I open it back up, if there is a torrent already in the queue, the Seed Ratio seems to show totals based on when I opened the application last, not the entire size of the torrent.