Want to seed safely


Hello, i am faily new to the Tribler community, but i have some years in the torrenting department. i am limewire old. anyway, alot of torrent clients require a VPN or peerguardian or something of the vaine to be able to safely seed or download without your ISP finding out, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and not seed at all in order to download without getting a cease letter from your ISP or possibly face copyright legal issues.

my ISP fairly well dominates the area i live in, and they are very strict about torrenting. i am curious about possible safe ways to seed without being caught by my ISP. does tribler offer built in solutions? if not, what external programs or systems would i need to run to prevent my ISP from knowing that i am seeding?

i cant currently afford a VPN and have had little luck finding a reliable one for free. i know phoenixlabs offers some solutions, but they dont seem 100% secure and require obtaining things like lists of IP addresses, which is really a craps shoot as to whether it will actually block my ISP. i simply do not want to be a drain on the community or a selfish downloader. if anyone can give me any helpful hints or point me towards some tutorials for private seeding it would be very appreciated. i am not afraid of being technical either, i have some experience with python3 and C# CMD/Terminal. currently using windows 7 but am looking for solutions for either win7 or ubuntu/mint, depending on the quality of protection i can obtain will determine which system i set up for seeding purposes.

thank you in advance for any knowledge or wisdoms that will lead to safer seeding practices.


@darthleecher We provide a platform for anonymous downloading/seeding for spreading the open content. Tribler offers anonymity by creating Tor-like circuits using multiple hops. While we are pretty confident about our protocol and protocol implementation, we don’t provide any guarantees against ISPs.

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