VPN and tribler

I not a noob to torrenting, but I recently signed up for NordVPN. The noob question, how do I know if my torrent downloads are being routed through the VPN or not?? Do I need any special setup in Tribler?

nope, you dont need to to anything specific to route over vpn, thats what touring tables do automatically.

But you dont need vpn with tribler at all

I disagree.

First of all, from security perspective, make sure you are not vulnerable to DNS bleeding.
I am not sure if tribler clients use DNS resolution, but they could.

With that said i will address original poster question.

First, know your IP address
then find out incoming trible network port. This is specific to each installation. I did not bother knowing tribler default ports.


This page will show your ip address and it will allow you to test tribler incoming ports. If incoming ports are testing good - you are good.

If not, two possible scenarios - either tunnel doesn’t work. Or inbound ports are closed and need to be opened. Without opening them - your connection will be likely much slower. Not every VPN provided will open up ports. Some will want extra money for extra service and may want to put you on single IP address, which you want to avoid for security reasons.

NordVPN in one off the best VPN that is available.

Use both extra safety.

I don’t use Tribler not any more for 1½ year, in that time it was too slow.
300 kbs max I don’t know how fast it is now.

Does i good work with Windows 10 pro with 1903 update?

For the fun I will install and try it the next week.

I’m make a review about it


technically speaking, just because you pay a coorporate (vpn servce provider) for they claim they are protecting you, does not actually mean they provide those.

I personally think that they are worse up the same level of exploiting, the right for the free internet acess. (free in a sense that unrestricted and private)

Vpn SERVICES dont provide neither, security, anonymity nor the freedom. You just delegate your privacy to someone else.

I use a dedicated machine for torrents. It’s rare that I add more files to it. Upload speeds are a pooled result of interested parties.

Actually, you should use a Tor over VPN to hide your IP address from the Tor entry relay, seeing as how Tor over Tor is highly discouraged.

Tor over VPN is fine so long as you’re using a proper VPN provider such as Mullvad. Traffic analysis and correlation is real, and using Tor over VPN is a good way to avoid it. Although, it’s not the only way. Anonymity comes from plausible deniability, you’re better off setting up a Tor entry/guard/exit relay for cover traffic.

A VPN is a transparent proxy. If you’re using a Socks5 proxy, you can configure it within Tribler. Instead of using Tor over VPN, allow Tribler to be an exit node. It’s already slow enough, especially if you’re using all 3 hops for your Tor circuit.

Better to use SOCKS,not prefer vpn services