V7.1.0 experimental release


The latest build indeed solves the issue for me that no circuit could be built. Thanks for making it available and pointing to it.


Tribler is working again after installing the latest development version, thanks!

What I am curious about is, what is determining the token balance? Even though I’ve only downloaded a couple of 100MB at most, since the new install (and consequent reset of the balance), it is down several gigabytes.

Furthermore, torrents that were completed a long time ago and have been seeding ever since, sometimes show a download speed behind them, albeit a low one. This is kinda odd.


Good to hear that it’s working!

The most likely explanation for your negative token balance is that you’re downloading with more than one hop. In that scenario, you also pay for using other relayers. For instance, when downloading 100MB using 2 hops (one relay and one exit node), you pay 2*100 + 100 = 300MB (200MB to the relayer and 100MB to the exit node). As you see, downloading with more hops is expensive but increases anonymity.

A high balance should give you preferential threatment at relay nodes and exit nodes. The algorithm to do so is quite basic and requires more research (and data). Right now, this effect is less since there are not much downloaders on the experimental release but these effect should become visible when the amount of downloaders is growing.

Finally, libtorrent also counts control bytes, which makes it appear like something is being downloaded (even though a torrent has already finished). This should explain your observation.


Another problem, when trying to create a torrent from an existing folder, Tribler gives this torrent the name “ibler Downloads”, no matter what name is entered in the name field.


It appears that some files have been downloaded in twofold into two different folders. I suspect that this behavior may have something to do with the fact that in the past (months ago), I changed the location of the download folder to another disk.

Deleting the duplicate folder that should no longer be used, results in the torrents being re-downloaded and the folder being recreated, even though its content is also present in the new folder.