Using Tribler Technology to Raise Funds for Charity


I am very interested in Tribler technology for a charity fundraising platform I’m putting together: . The platform raises funds by selling an online currency which can be used to trade second-hand items. Tribler technology may come in handy because isn’t entirely legal, and goverment agencies may oneday attempt to close it down, but with Tribler technology, this won’t be possible without shutting down the internet.

Obviously, by joining the Tribler community, I should be more interested in what I can do for the community, rather than what the community could do for me. I don’t have the technical skills to help with development, but I am already gaining investor interest in, so I’d like to think that, sometime not to far in the distant future, I would be able to use such investment capital to fund Tribler research, especially along the lines of the non-centralised networks which would utilise.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m perfectly aware that attracting venture capital for such research is not easy. I would need to demonstrate a certain amount of commitment from the developers before venture capitalists would be willing to put up any money, so it’s a bit of a catch 22, but I’m hoping that the shared values in the need to create social impact - which does - will bridge the gap.

Any viewpoint welcome :slight_smile: