Updated and lost downloads

This is half bug report and half general discussion, but this morning I updated to the new 7.4.0 build and afterwards Tribler would crash instantly upon opening. I tried a reinstall and it kept crashing, so I downgraded back to the previous version but when I opened Tribler up again, half of the torrents I was in the middle of downloading had disappeared from my download list. Now I’m stuck with the half-downloaded files in my download folder and am wondering if there’s any way to reload the torrents without having to track them down on the internet again (they were rather hard to find and barely seeded, so I don’t want to have to hunt them down and start again after weeks of painstakingly slow downloading if I can avoid it).
Tribler doesn’t seem to keep .torrent files around on your computer like some other torrent clients do, so does anyone have any ideas?

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Same here.
No active downlads or 7.4.0. or the previous version.
If You find the magnet link or torrent file and choose the same directory I think the download will continiue.
EDIT: Moved to 7.4.1. but no change…

Thanks for the report! It will help greatly if you guys will send us contents of your “dlcheckpoints” dirs. Since 7.4.0 we use versioned state dirs. But as previous versions did not support that, we keep the files in the top-level “.Tribler” dir intact. So, to really solve your issue, we need contents of both the legacy “.Tribler/dlcheckpoints” and the after-upgrade “.Tribler/7.4.0/dlcheckpoints”.
This will really help us figure out the issue.

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For people experiencing “lost downloads” problem after moving to 7.4.x it is recommended to delete all versioned config sub-dirs of their “.Tribler” dir, e.g. “.Tribler/7.4.0/”, “.Tibler/7.0.0-GIT/”, etc. Also, the file “.Tribler/version_history.json” should be deleted too. This will essentially reset Tribler config to pre-7.4.x state. After that you can run 7.4.1 again.

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Looks like it worked for me!

Worked for me also. Just to clarify, the .Tribler folder will be located in your %APPDATA% for those using Windows.

We have fixed this issue in our upcoming 7.5 release :+1:

I just upgraded to 7.4.4, and I thought it was weird it suggested a complete uninstall of the program, so I checked the FAQ and said “Upgrading will NOT delete your data”. I went ahead and updated and lo and behold, all my downloads and my token balance were gone. I was able to restore my downloads by deleting the sub directories mentioned and removing the version file, but my token balance is still missing! Would really appreciate any recovery tips you have for that.