Unzipped to find an exe


Tried to watch this below-
Manchester by the Sea (2016).720p.BluRay.XviD.AC3.ESub-CPG
When I unzipped it, it was an exe file, not a video. Luckily I couldn’t open it.
Been told it’s probably a virus. ? I’m not so computer smart, am I supposed to warn others incase they too are inexperienced and do same?
Or is it fine to open?
7.2.1 no crashing, thanks


@2481 Tribler does not do scan for viruses inside torrents unfortunately. Please use a good antivirus software for it.



Hello @2481

As said by @sandip

That’s important!

Tribler team will not do pedagogy around what we shouldn’t do, what we should pay attention to, using software like Tribler / Torrent.

You want a video, a good quality “720p.BluRay” video.
This video might be ziped / rared / tared / 7ziped, but it happens.
So, inside there is no vieo at all. Just erase the whole and that’s all.

You really want to see this video, download another one, a one which is trully a video (.avi, .mkv, …) directly.

I’m a bad guy, i share an .EXE file which file pretends to be something else.
When you double-click on it (and you double click on it i understand “Luckily I couldn’t open it”), you’ll see nothing at all. No error reports.
But did nothing really happen on your computer ?

Good day to you 2481


Hi @2481,

Wondering about your OS, because the newest Windows usually standard hides the extension (.exe) part of the file. Because you state, you’re not so computer smart, it is puzzling for me you saw this exe part. Might be that the file had two extensions, just to fool you. Either way, next time you can scan the file free with e.g. trendmicro online virus scanner Housecall (https://www.trendmicro.com/en_se/forHome/products/housecall.html), it will scan for known viruses and more. And for now, I would recommend doing this online scan on your whole system, just in case you accidently did install something by double clicking on it.

Another tip is to install e.g. the free rar archive program (https://www.rarlab.com/), then you can try to (from within the rar program) open this file. If it really is a self-extracting archive, rar will tell you and show the contents. It will also tell you if it is corrupted.


Thanks Shade. Onto it.


Thank you
owned, sounds spooky…
-seriously though, I hear you and use protection
2481, thanks


You’re welcome @2841

I choose to never download an .EXE that should be a video, that’s simplier.

Good day to day