Tribler v7.1.1 is out. Check it out


Hi @mahdi

Do you use Windows system ? Which one ? Maybe 64bits …
What do you see inside directory “%APPDATA%/.Tribler/”.

Did you tried to install 7.2.2 (see ?


Windows 10 x64 Tribler 7.2.2 x64
There is a logs folder with 3 empty log files


Hi again

I gat somes file in “%APPDATA%/.Tribler/”, and there is a “triblerd.conf” on my computer.
I gat also the directory “%APPDATA%/.Tribler/logs/”.
To see all of this, i … choose in Windows to not hide extension of each file and see even hidden files.
See for example …

Anyway, the trick explain here is only for Tribler 7.1.1 when someone gat error starting Tribler.
What problem do you encounter @mahdi


I’ve unhidden them.
I have same error
Failed to execute script run_tribler.
I first had installed 7.1.5 (same error) then upgraded to 7.2.2 still same error


Ok @mahdi, maybe @sandip o someone else 'll find what is the problem.

i just discover debug panel with “Ctrl + d” (not really understand parameters here :smiley:).
i gat repeated lines in “%APPDATA%/.Tribler/tribler-core-error.log”, even if Tribler work.


@mahdi do you perhaps have a different python version installed. We still use python 2.7.

@owned Thank you for your assistance.


I uninstalled python. not solved. I’m using pre-build binaries