Tribler starts up, finds seeders, starts downloading and after 2 minutes stops and all connections are down to 0



Tribler is very slow with only minimum anonimity, but all of a sudden it stops downloading alltogether after 2 minutes and has 0 connections. How do I solve this problem?



I’m having exactly the same problem - did you ever solve it? my concern is that my ISP is somehow detecting and closing down my connection.
Just checked downloading same file in Vuze - 10MB/sec no problem so I guess its not my ISP?


I`ve got the same problem. After a few minutes it stops downloading. Help.


Hi All, we have seen this problem specifically for the Mac version of Tribler.

This issue has now been escalated to Top_Priority in our scheduling and ToDo lists.Details of our ongoing bug-fixing efforts are here:

Could you tell us if perhaps you where trying to download large swarms (50+ seeders/downloaders) ? Was this the latest Tribler V7.1 on Mac (book)?


@Beppie @kent @indy Tribler developer here. I’m having difficulty in reliably reproducing this issue. Could you possibly share with me a sample torrent file or magnet link where you see this issue? You can send me privately if you like.


Our first attempt at fixing this issue:

As a first step, we simply only allow TCP connections. Non-anon downloads might be OK.


This happens to me on Windows, although “Hops” shows one. Basically starts up, runs fine, then everything peters out. I have to restart Tribler to get downloads going again. Sortof annoying… hopefully they’ll figure out a fix soon?


If the disk where Tribler is downloading happens to be slow then the download speed will drop significantly because disk cannot keep up with the network download speed. Are you possibly using a USB drive?


Lol…no…wouldn’t explain every connection heading to zero and staying there, anyhow.


I have just started using Tribler and I have exactly the same problem. Kind of surprised that no Tribler expert answers this question here, beyond generalities. I have fished out a torrent from The Pirate Bay for a 6GB science video and I imported it into Tribler from my PC downloads folder. Only 2% has been downloaded in Tribler in a week! When the d/l starts things seem to get moving and I see a few peers, typically 6(20 or more, then the peers go down to 0(20) and no data are downloaded.
If I remove the torrent and I restart the d/l, same thing: peers reappear and disappear almost immediately. I was able to download a torrent from within Tribler, though. Does it mean that Tribler is not geared to d/l torrents from other sources outside Tribler,like the Pirate Bay or other?
If so, somebody should let me know, because I don’t want to waste my time…
Or may be I did something wrong? Somebody mentioned the upload issue here as wsell as only allowing allowing the TCP connections. How?Also, is there a way to configure the upload and download speed and other parameters, like in Vuze? I have not seen any configuration guide for Tribler, though.

Can anybody comment on all this, please?




Tribler developer here. Are you downloading a torrent with anonymity mode enabled? If so, the low download speeds could be related to the high congestion of our network. The main problem here is that there are only a few exit nodes available in the network, which is by far not enough to keep up with the demand for anonymous downloads. We have plans to significantly upgrade our infrastructure and improve the total download capacity of our network. These changes are planned somewhere next month.

If you are not downloading with anonymity, there is likely an issue with Tribler. There currently is an issue where all download speeds drop to zero. We have been trying hard to reproduce this on various machines in our lab, but so far we didn’t have any luck with this issue. We have documented this issue on our GitHub repository, and escalated its priority. You can follow the technical discussion there if you wish. Note that due to the holidays, we are somewhat low on developer capacity but I will discuss this issue again after the holidays (next week).

We do not have an option to only allow TCP connections for libtorrent but if I remember correctly, this didn’t help much regarding this issue.


Yes, with anonymity. This is why I am using Tribler. Things have improved, though, but the download is very slow, excruciatingly slow…Over a week, I am up to 40% downloaded of the total size now, with an incremental rate of about 13% over the last two days . The d/l speed still fluctuates erratically between 0 and 30 kbps, even by the second , like a yo-yo…
I noticed that the d/l rate increases with the the numbers peers shown in brackets( the peers outside the bracket keep at around 0. though . I don’t understand why and what is the difference between bracketed and non-bracketed peers, though)…

Peers used to be 0(6), then went up to 0 (40,) now they are 0(198), increasing…All in all, with Tribler, it takes 2 weeks or longer to download a 6GB video…
On the clearnet, with Vuze, it took about 1 hr or so for the same video when I d/l it the 1st time, except that I received a letter from my ISP for a copyright infringement and I have to re-download it because the original one for some reasons became unreadable/corrupt in my PC…
One last thing: at the top right corner of the Tribler interface there is a caption showing" -3.3 GB Token balance" . What is it?

Thanks for your input



I will copy my post from another thread as this looks connected:
“I’m running 7.2.2 now and I think that the downloads speeds are all going down after an hour or so after starting Tribler. When I restart files are downloading again. Unforunatly when I make 2 or more restarts Tribler fails to run.
I think I had this problems 2 versions before, I got better in previous version and now it’s back again. Is it a coincidence or is it just me or anyone has the same problem?”


Not to sound condescending but think of the Token balance as a download to upload ratio. You are currently in the negative 3+ gigs. The idea behind this is to provide an incentive to give back to the community, it also (from my understanding and someone please correct me if I’m wrong) cuts your download speed if it is excessive.


No. My ration is -200 gigs…This would finish all my downloads…few times. It’s just doesn’t work yet. I hope it will be bring back to zero when fixed.


This number indicates the Tribler Token balance. It is basically a difference of your uploads and downloads (not a ratio). This is recorded in TrustChain (our blockchain) as transaction blocks.

Basic concept is that you pay for your anonymity with these tokens, be it when downloading or seeding. In the case where you are downloading, it is obvious that you pay (with the tokens). But when seeding anonymously, there are two possibilities. If the downloader downloading from you is another Tribler user, then you get paid for seeding, otherwise for non-Tribler downloaders, you receive no tokens but you pay the network to maintain tor-like for the anonymous seeding. This is one of the reason why many users are reporting negative balance.

This leakage of the tokens will reduce with more people using Tribler but we’re looking at different solutions on dealing with it. We’ll keep you updated about it.