Tribler starts up, finds seeders, starts downloading and after 2 minutes stops and all connections are down to 0



Tribler is very slow with only minimum anonimity, but all of a sudden it stops downloading alltogether after 2 minutes and has 0 connections. How do I solve this problem?



I’m having exactly the same problem - did you ever solve it? my concern is that my ISP is somehow detecting and closing down my connection.
Just checked downloading same file in Vuze - 10MB/sec no problem so I guess its not my ISP?


I`ve got the same problem. After a few minutes it stops downloading. Help.


Hi All, we have seen this problem specifically for the Mac version of Tribler.

This issue has now been escalated to Top_Priority in our scheduling and ToDo lists.Details of our ongoing bug-fixing efforts are here:

Could you tell us if perhaps you where trying to download large swarms (50+ seeders/downloaders) ? Was this the latest Tribler V7.1 on Mac (book)?


@Beppie @kent @indy Tribler developer here. I’m having difficulty in reliably reproducing this issue. Could you possibly share with me a sample torrent file or magnet link where you see this issue? You can send me privately if you like.


Our first attempt at fixing this issue:

As a first step, we simply only allow TCP connections. Non-anon downloads might be OK.


This happens to me on Windows, although “Hops” shows one. Basically starts up, runs fine, then everything peters out. I have to restart Tribler to get downloads going again. Sortof annoying… hopefully they’ll figure out a fix soon?


If the disk where Tribler is downloading happens to be slow then the download speed will drop significantly because disk cannot keep up with the network download speed. Are you possibly using a USB drive?


Lol…no…wouldn’t explain every connection heading to zero and staying there, anyhow.