Tribler starts up, finds seeders, starts downloading and after 2 minutes stops and all connections are down to 0



Tribler is very slow with only minimum anonimity, but all of a sudden it stops downloading alltogether after 2 minutes and has 0 connections. How do I solve this problem?



I’m having exactly the same problem - did you ever solve it? my concern is that my ISP is somehow detecting and closing down my connection.
Just checked downloading same file in Vuze - 10MB/sec no problem so I guess its not my ISP?


I`ve got the same problem. After a few minutes it stops downloading. Help.


Hi All, we have seen this problem specifically for the Mac version of Tribler.

This issue has now been escalated to Top_Priority in our scheduling and ToDo lists.Details of our ongoing bug-fixing efforts are here:

Could you tell us if perhaps you where trying to download large swarms (50+ seeders/downloaders) ? Was this the latest Tribler V7.1 on Mac (book)?


@Beppie @kent @indy Tribler developer here. I’m having difficulty in reliably reproducing this issue. Could you possibly share with me a sample torrent file or magnet link where you see this issue? You can send me privately if you like.


Our first attempt at fixing this issue:

As a first step, we simply only allow TCP connections. Non-anon downloads might be OK.