Tribler starts unfinished DLs at 0% after reboot (Linux Mint 20)

I have had Tribler running in Windows 10 for a very long time without issue. I wanted to create a dedicated Plex & Tribler Server. I picked up an HP Thinclient to mount behind my TV with Linux Mint 20 installed.

Tribler (Linux Mint 20 and Tribler v 7.5.4) started running just fine and had a few DLs in both complete and partial status.

I rebooted it and when I launched Tribler, it started the unfinished DL at 0%. The completed DLs were still at 100%.

The DL folder is in my user’s “Downloads” folder (/home/UserName/Downloads/TriblerDownloads). I have tried it with AutoLogin on and off.

I have tried moving the folder to /tmp/TriblerDownloads but then even finished DLs would start over again at 0%. I switched it back to Home/Downloads

No matter what I do a reboot will cause the progress of any unfinished DL to start over from 0%. I was not manually exiting Tribler prior to the reboot, that’s in the next test.

Between the updates and moving the destination folder around, it seems to have solved itself. Now uncompleted DLs are resuming when the system reboots.