Tribler not adding new downloads

When I try adding a new download I get a blank, white, Tribler screen. This screen shuts down and Tribler carries on with the downloads I added before installing the Beta.

@TheLastLama could you explain more on which platform and version? Is it happening on adding a new torrent through a torrent file or magnet link?


The problem occurs on Windows. Magnet links do nothing and through torrent files I just get a blank white Tribler window that closes after a few seconds without adding any downloads. Downloads already in progress are running fine though.

Edit: Reinstalling again caused the white screen to also happen with magnet links, still no new downloads though.

@TheLastLama I’m not able to reproduce the issue you’re having. If you could provide some logs, it will be useful for us in debugging. The logs are present in the state directory located at %APPDATA%\.Tribler\logs. There is probably a file called tribler-core-error.log. If you could open the file and paste the stack trace if any, we might have an idea what is wrong.

Ahh wel it doesn’t really matter anymore as once again all downloads have stopped. There’s lots of peers but 0 upload and 0 download speed. Same issue I had with the last version.

Same here, are all hops down at the same time?