Tribler Issues (New user)


Hi everyone,

I’m a new Tribler user.
There’s two issues I’m having.

Tribler doesn’t seem to resume downloads.
If I download, exit the program and open it again, the actual Torrent is never resumed.
It starts downloading from the beginning of the files.
This is actually the first time I’ve seen this in a Torrent client.
Is it normal? Should something be changed?

The other issue I have is that Tribler doesn’t hide or close to the tray area in Windows 10.
I can’t see any option for this in the settings.

Thank you for any comments.
Have a great weekend.


I cant recommend to use Windows 10 and software like tribler that tries to protect your privacy. With using Windows 10 you already have confirmed, that you dont care about your privacy.

Tribler is working fine on about every Linux OS. Just run it on Linux like the most user who care about privacy do.


So just some feedback to myself and anyone that may find this.
All I needed to do was right click on the active download and force a recheck.
The download will check for a while and you’ll be able to resume where you left off.
As for the minimize to tray option, that would be cool.
The Windows 10 comment, /yawn… moving on.