Tribler Hangs When Excluding Items?

I am new, in fact just signed up. So, I am looking for information on something that has been driving me a bit nuts.

This bug exists in 7.2 versions and the latest Beta version.

In my case, I have some torrents that consist of a large number of files, the vast majority of which I do not want. For example, there is one with about 500 books in it, and I only want 10 of them.

When I try to exclude the ones I do not want, Tribler hangs up. It does this on both Windows and Linux. In Linux, python begins spinning and consumes one hundred percent of the CPU…for a very long time. It eventually comes back, but it does take an extremely long time even if excluding a single file.

On Windows it hangs, but takes no CPU. Better, but not much.

I am running Beta 5.

If the bug is already reported, that is great. Any workarounds? Love Tribler, and have used it a while, and the newest version works much better in Beta. The lockup is the only problem I have but it is a big one.

Tx, and Sorry if redundant.