Tribler for OpenWrt (energy efficient hardware) in version 7.6?


Here in the forum is been written, that there would be a cli version with remote gui in nov-2020 when tribler 7.6 is been released. New user, wondering about huge install size, CLI-only version
Could some developer also try out to run it on openwrt? If you dont have powerful non-x86 hardware, then running it on x86 with openwrt-x86 version would be still fine for development.
There are many great openwrt wifi devices with enough hardware power that are already running 24/7 at the home of some people. Would be great to be able to run tribler on those and then have tribler-cli official openwrt package here:


One bright guy already created a Tribler build system for non-x86 hardware:


From my view as a user i kind of have the same question like you:

My question was to include the tribler-core version that would be in version 7.6 to OpenWrt. Then users can install it simply by using the normal package manager in openwrt. Kind of “opkg install tribler-core”


You can create an issue on GitHub then asking for this feature. We are planning to review our devops stuff for 7.6. That should make adding wrt support possible.


I cant register on github. The “Verify your account” function seems to be broken. I get a green check-sign, but then the light-blue button “Create account” cant be pressed. That is is the reason i cant write at the moment anything on the linked github website. It would be sad to not have Tribler for OpenWrt this year just because of a broken github website.


:eyes: like GitHub broken registration?

I will create a corresponding issue at GitHub then.


Thank you for creating a corresponding issue at GitHub