Tribler does not mount destination?


I am yet to see this software download a single file.
After downloading half a torrent, tribler complains of not enough disk space.
I free up plenty of disk space, but I cannot figure out how to simply restart the torrent.
I see a stop button and a triangle but then find the triangle means “stream”. I don’t want to stream, I just want to resume the download.
Upon reboot tribler fails to start any torrent.
I eventually realize ubuntu thinks it’s a clever idea to not mount any partition until the files are accessed in the file manager.
So to get a torrent to download I have to open a file manager and open the destination partition before running tribler. Why can the file manager mount the partition but not tribler?
Or perhaps the issue is that the destination partition is not being downloaded to directly?

All I know is I am sick of watching torrents download data for hours only for that data to be erased over and over again with no torrent ever completing.

And as for speed, even with anonymity disabled a healthy torrent downloads at a snail’s pace, as if it is connecting to only one peer with a dial up modem.

Almost all of the torrent in the built in channels feature are dead. What is the point of displaying a thousand seedless torrents for every torrent which can actually be downloaded?


I had not cleared enough disk space.
I thought the files were pre-allocated but ran out of space while downloading.
I have now used a disk tool to automatically mount partitions at startup.
I deleted the incomplete downloads and the .tribler directory.
Tribler is now downloading.


I rebooted the computer and started tribler.
The already downloaded file now has 0% progress and does not seed.
I open the file manager and click the partition in the left pane to ensure disk is mounted.
I restart tribler but still zero progress on already downloaded torrent.
Force recheck finds nothing.
I can go into the folder within the file manager and play the complete video file.
The file will not play in tribler.
When I right click the torrent and select “explore files” a “failed to open” error message appears.
No amount of mounting or remounting or force rechecking allows to the torrent to start/resume.


I uninstalled tribler, deleted the .tribler directory and re-installed.
Now tribler is telling me I don’t have permission to write to the directory(“insufficient permissions”).
What is it with software these days constantly telling users they don’t have permission to access their own files and folders?
To workaround this bug I clicked to change download destination and chose precisely the same destination. Only by navigating within tribler to this destination was the torrent able to be added. i.e. setting this location as default download location doesn’t work.


@gobsmacked Thank you for trying out Tribler. We’re sorry to read that you are having trouble using Tribler. The problem with failing to open a downloaded file could indicate an issue with saving the torrent state file when download location is mounted differently. We’ll investigate and get back to you.


Even completed torrents disappear :tribler cannot find the files.
When I click “explore files” an error message appears
“failed to open” and “error when getting information for file”
It is not looking ion the download location, but in /mnt with a subfolder with a long string, essentially an unfriendly name.
Only torrents in the home directory work correctly.
It would appear that linux changes the mount point or friendly name on every reboot?
This reminds me of windows which for years couldn’t deal with additional drives and would use a flashlight animation to search the wrong drive for files which are exactly where they were except for a drive letter change.

So multiple issues here: tribler deciding there are no downloaded files because I didn’t “mount” the hard drive before starting tribler(I have spent many hours, no YEARS! trying to get ubuntu to mount them on startup), and the fact that even when mounted the files cannot be found by tribler which is looking at some non existent mount point.
My completed downloads are still at the same location they were downloaded to, tribler simply cannot find them.
This software is simply not usable.


This appears to have something to do with the insane way ubuntu linux mounts partitions.
Ubuntu mounts partitions under /media/username/foldername/ but tribler thinks the files are in /mnt//long string which is a UUID, whatever that means.