Tribler 7 stalls at startup


On my windows 10 pc the latest version of Tribler stalls at the Loading screen, with the gears just eternally spinning. A previous version of tribler (in the 6 line) was working fine. I tried running in Windows 8 compatibility mode as well but that didn’t help. Is there some sort of permissions or firewall settings that I need to set or is it something else?


I have the same problem on my windows 10 ultimate x64 with Tribler 7.x


Yesterday I updated to the most recent version, 7.0.1 and still have this issue.


I have Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (on an iMac) and Tribler doesn’t start. I’m a first time (attempted) user.
I’m getting a new Mac computer and updated OS in a couple of days, so I’ll probably be able to use it on that.