Tribler 7 release candidate 1 - Please test


Hi everyone,

We are close to releasing a major version of Tribler. We need help testing this. Downloads:

Windows (64-bit)
Windows (32-bit)

Tribler 7 is one of our biggest releases: we designed and implemented a new and modern user interface, inspired by various well-known applications. This release also contains a developer-oriented RESTful API that can be used to control Tribler. Additionally, we fixed many bugs and have rewritten most of our components like the video player, the torrent health checker and the search result ranking algorithm.

We specifically want to focus on stability and iron out minor bugs. We really would like to know if Tribler crashes on your machine.

If you encounter any problems, please create a new issue on GitHub or post it on the forums, either in this thread or in a separate thread. If you wish to contribute to Tribler by fixing bugs, please check out this page which contains some basic pointers.

The source code can be found on our Github repository but you can also download it directly here.



failed to execute script pyi_rth_qt5


Could you then try what happens with a well-known torrent like this one and share performance screenshots ?

As requested, I’ve attempted to download the mentioned torrent with this new beta, but to no avail. Whenever I try to download torrents with it anonymously, the number of peers and seeds remains zero (as shown in the screenshot below).

Tribler 7 release candidate 2 - Please test

Thank you all for the test installs. We finally have reproduced a key “freeze” bug in the lab.
Plus fixed another bad one, abusive tracker URLs of over 1500 bytes would completely lock-up Tribler.
We’re working on RC2…


I don’t use tribler 7

windows 8.1