Tribler 7.6.1 is out today


Dear Tribler Community,

Today we’re releasing Tribler 7.6.1 with a few bug fixes on 7.6.0. If you are using 7.6.0 or below, we’d like to ask you to upgrade to this latest version. This version is likely going to be the last stable version before we move to 7.7 release. We hope that you’ll try it out and give us your feedback.

The binaries are available below or can be downloaded from the official release page at Github repository.
Windows (32-bit)

If you encounter any problems using this release, feel free to report back to us. You can either create an issue ticket in Github (link here) or simply post it here in this forum.

For developers willing to contribute to Tribler with bug fixes or new features please check out this page which provides the basic pointers to get started.

And as always, the source code can be found on our Github repository but you can also download it directly here.

We hope you’ll enjoy using this version.


As was the case with Tribler 7.6.0, when trying to display the trust graph, Tribler shows the following error:

Request error

An error occurred during the request:
<class tribler_core.exceptions.TrustGraphException’>: Max node peers reached in graph


@LesVerres thank you for reporting. Yes, I can reproduce the issue. I’ll fix it in the next monthly release.


with 7.6.1-exp1 i had it on idle, not seeding anything, and watched my ‘balance’ go from 64Gb positive to -24Tb (yes, terabytes) negative in an hour, despite only using 3Gb of data (measured by my ISP)

Is that fixed?

oh, and thanks for linking to our real life email accounts to get the icons for the chat room, really great for pirating software…