Tribler 7.4.4 for Windows X64 First tests and problems

  1. Problem the program starts very slowly. Plenty of time must to wait for the program to fully load. It stumbles on more serious operations and is very slow. When i added a new torrent they didn’t show up for a long time.

  2. There is no option on it to run the program at system startup which is very inconvenient. For similar programs, this is a default option.

  3. The anonymous mode with 1 hop does not working. The connection is constantly disconnected with the 2 PC. The anonymous mode with 3 hop using another torrent client to download the file uTorrent used it cannot be connected either.

  4. Using the client in a local network with normal non anonymous mode. Transferring a file a Windows 10 laptop to PC Tribler to Tribler using a router are failed. The two Tribler to Tribler programs cannot find each other

  5. Creating a torrent file from a large 10GB folder with many files are failed. And it’s not easy to put in either the torrent folder location. He wanted to download and not hashing the file.

  6. When i deleted the program ruined the files. He threw the 10GB torrents in the trash on which I worked for half a day. However, the program did not want to delete its own components properly. Could not start the program due to a bug after reinstallation. I had to look for what the installer had left because there caused something problem.

In terms of use, these are very serious problems.


Thanks for reporting, @Grunwald. We’re aware of some of these problems. For instance the upcoming 7.5 version should load considerably faster.


True! Thank you very much for your in-depth review of Tribler usability. I’ve put this our main ToDo list: #1 on Github