Tribler 7.4.3 is released!


Dear Tribler Community,

Tribler 7.4.3 release is out on GitHub. It fixes the “stuck at Checkpointing Downloads” problem along with other bugs. We recommend everyone on 7.4.0 or 7.4.1 to upgrade to 7.4.3.

The binaries are available below or can be downloaded from the official release page at Github repository.
Windows (32-bit)
Linux (generic)
Linux (Ubuntu 18.04)

As always, the source code can be found on our Github repository.

Note that 7.4.2 release was skipped due to a severe bug in the state directory upgrade system. If you installed 7.4.2 and experienced the upgrade problem, please look at the explanation how to fix it.

Thanks for staying with us!




There’s a small bug in the GUI, causing the screen real estate not to be used optimally. In the window for “My Channel” less files get displayed than would fit on the screen, while at the same time a scrollbar is displayed on the right to scroll through all of them. I hope I’m clear enough, otherwise I can try to make a screenshot.

Furthermore, my preferred download location was lost with this update.


Thanks for the report, I’ll create an issue on GitHub for this.