Tribler 7.4.0 is released!


Dear Tribler Community,

Tribler 7.4.0 stable version is published today with several fixes over 7.3.2. This version also addresses the issue with decreasing token balance when seeding. This brings us a step closer to a working Tribler token econony where tokens are worth value. Besides the several fixes, version management is included in this version which allows for easy rollbacks to a working version in case of failures when trying out any future versions. We are excited about the release and hope that you’ll try it out and let us know your feedback if you like it.

The binaries are available below or can be downloaded from the official release page at Github repository.
Windows (32-bit)

If you encounter any problems using this release, feel free to report back to us. We’ll appreciate that. You can either create an issue ticket in Github (link here) or simply post it here in this forum.

For developers willing to contribute to Tribler with bug fixes or new features please check out this page which provides the basic pointers to get started.

And as always, the source code can be found on our Github repository but you can also download it directly here.

We hope you’ll enjoy using this version.


Well, first thing noticed (on windows at least) is you lose your download list, channel and token balance. But subscriptions are still there so I’m subscribed to my own channel that I’ve lost. It hasn’t worked this way before. Anyway it’s probably good to backup your files this time.

EDIT: Ok, my channel is back somehow. Looks like it just needed some time.


Seme here.
Any tip on how to bring back the torrents I was downloading (torrent files are stored somwhere, aren’t they?) or does it just need some time to precess?
Tocken balance was 0 at the start but now is -7 :smiley: with empty torrents list.
EDIT: Is it possible to make a downgrade? I think the old version files are still in .Tribler directory.


tribler still hangs at “checkpointing downloads” and mining leads to negative balance.
disabling mining and clicking on “save” does not abort mining.
how can this be a “7.4.0 stable” release? it looks like semantic versioning, but seems like its something else.


I can confirm that my channel came back eventually, and so did my balance. It did require a restart though.

EDIT 1: My download list is still empty. @sandip Is there a way to re-add my downloads? The files are still present on my hard drive.

EDIT 2: Torrent checking seems to be activated again after I disabled it in a previous version. Is there a way to switch this off in the interface?


This release was bound for troubles, as we had to move from Python2 to Python3. And that means changing the format of all torrent checkpoint files, as these are saved in Python dict format, that has changed in Python3. Also, we added a system of versioned state dirs. Unfortunately, during this transition we cannot support moving data correctly from previous experimental versions.
For people experiencing “lost downloads” problem after moving to 7.4.x it is recommended to delete all versioned config sub-dirs of their “.Tribler” dir, e.g. “.Tribler/7.4.0/”, “.Tibler/7.0.0-GIT/”, etc. Also, the file “.Tribler/version_history.json” should be deleted too. This will essentially reset Tribler config to pre-7.4.x state. After that you can run 7.4.1 again.