Tribler 7.11.0 released today

Dear Tribler Community,

Today we’re releasing Tribler 7.11.0 stable version. The most important changes in this release are:

  • Added permissionless Tags crowdsourcing system. Tribler users can now add tags to torrents. The tags will be shared with other users anonymously.
  • Tree-based file selection in the download details and “Start download” dialog
  • Channel previews are faster and more reliable
  • Asynchronous Core components startup should speed up boot on machines with slower drives

And, as usual, there are lots of bugfixes.

For developers:
Tribler Core was refactored into a set of asynchronously loaded components, making the Tribler codebase much easier to understand.

The binaries are available below or can be downloaded from the official release page at Github repository.
Windows (32-bit)

Note: Win32 bit version is falsely flagged by some antivirus software, because of our usage of pyinstaller. So, it is possible that your antivirus might flag Tribler as malware if you’re using the 32-bit version. Therefore, we suggest you use the 64-bit version if you can.

If you encounter any problems using this release, you can either create an issue ticket in Github (link here) or simply post it here in this forum.

For developers willing to contribute to Tribler with bug fixes or new features please check out this page which provides the basic pointers to get started.

And as always, the source code can be found on our Github repository but you can also download it directly here.

We hope you’ll enjoy using this version.

I’m running Tribler 7.11.0 64-bit on Windows 10 Pro 21H2.

The “size” column is still not resized properly on The “Files” tab. It crops the “B” in B, MB, & GB. See images below.

Thanks for reporting. Unfortunately, these little things are very hard to get right. Could you please create an issue a our GitHub?



I’ve upgraded to version 7.11.0 on my Ubuntu 21.10 64 bit and it doesn’t start. I’ve checked the crasth-report.log and this is its content:

Fatal Python error: Segmentation fault

Current thread 0x00007f6295159740 (most recent call first):
  File "tribler_gui/", line 26 in __init__
  File "tribler_gui/", line 25 in __init__
  File "", line 105 in <module>

Any idea of what’s wrong?

Thanks in advance

Hi there
Work well on my Debian 10.
Thx for your job!

I was having the same issue under a fresh install of Debian 11, found that the python-pyqt5 libraries were missing, once installing that *and it’s dependancies) it ran without issue.

Hi, thanks for your help. I run

pip3 install --user pyqt5  
sudo apt-get install python3-pyqt5  
sudo apt-get install pyqt5-dev-tools

To install that dependency, but still got the same error messages. Am i missing something?

For more than a week I can not get metainfo about my own channel created on another computer, which is in the same network with me.

Meet the infamous DHT tunnelling problem. All DHT calls are tunnelled by default. If both computers are behind the same NAT, like in your case, it is very possible they will never be able to connect to each other through tunnelled DHT.

For more info, see: