Tribler 7.1.0 - RC2 release


Dear Tribler Community,

We just released the RC2 of Tribler 7.1 with lots of bug fixes and performance enhnacements and we would your help in testing this release. Please download your favorite distribution here:
Windows (64-bit)
Windows (32-bit)

The source code can be found on our Github repository but you can also download it directly here.
For more detailed log of changes, please checkout the changelog here.

As always, we would appreciate bug reports and feature requests. Please either create a new issue on Github or post it on the forum, either in this thread or in a separate thread. If you wish to contribute to Tribler by fixing bugs, please check out the contribution page.



Thanks for this release. Will be testing.

Prior to installing any of the release candidates everything on the network’s edge was configured for specific ports etc etc. Now after these last installs I am observing alot of reply back traffic from traffic with UDP source port 7759 to a different destination UDP port that appears to be generated randomly upon executing the process.

Question: Is there a way to specify this specifically because alot of connections are being dropped by ACL with no way to forward the traffic.

Appreciate your reply.


Please ignore this question. Found the culprit that is disallowing these connections. Bad Length across layer 3.


@Grimish Thank you for trying out the release. We appreciate it. Glad to know that you were able to solve the problem.

Port 7759 is the default port used in out p2p networking stack (bootstrap trackers). Therefore it is normal to see the traffic from this source port. In the individual clients, a randomly generated port is used for all the network communication. It is also possible to specify this port in the configuration file triblerd.conf under dispersy section in an entry port=<port_number>. This configuration file is present inside your state directory.


I have successfully used Tribler in a virtual machine & container up to version 7.0.2. The latests builds (incl. version 7.1.0-rc2) unfortunately keep failing to build a circuit for actively seeded recent torrents. It looks like Tribler is able to find peers: (session_uptime 5:06:10, total_down 100.20 MB, total_up 129.75 MB)

DiscoveryCommunity 91 peers
TrustChainCommunity 7 peers
DHTDiscoveryCommunity 7 peers
TriblerTunnelCommunity 7 peers
MarketCommunity 15 peers
PopularityCommunity 15 peers

But in the logs I get a lot of

WARNING community:79 (Request) Request to Peer<ip_address:port, => timed out

It runs on a non-NATTED ip address and in the firewall rules I allow all RELATED and ESTABLISHED connections and all incoming TCP/UDP connections to ports 7759:7760 (as per FAQ). I’m running Tribler in a Kubuntu virtual machine (Linux kubuntu 4.15.0-36-generic #39-Ubuntu SMP Mon Sep 24 16:19:09 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux). I hope someone can help me out to get this great piece of software to work as expected again…

I don’t know if it is relevant but after 5+ hours running Tribler there have only been 3 packets to UDP sport 7759:7760

Is the information in the Tribler FAQ (What ports does Tribler use?) still correct? I seems some options, where you could set the ports to something different from TCP/UDP 7759:7760, have been removed from the triblerd.conf.

What firewall rules are needed for NEW incoming connections?


The problem with the double download folders is still present in this release. See my comment on V7.1.0 experimental release from September 3rd.