Tribler 7.01 crashes on ubuntu 16.04/17.10/18.04


Hi devs and supporters

I tested tribler 7.01on these systems. After approx. 10 minutes Tribler 7.01 crashes. First python crashes with the following warning: “Python (2.7) crashed and there are no resources left to report the cause of the crash”. (My machine has 16 GB of RAM, 100 GBs of free space). Then the Tribler GUI greys out and becomes unresponsive. Tribler must be force-quit.

Test envirronments:

  1. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (installed on hardware)
  2. Ubuntu 17.10 in a virtual machine (almost a fresh installation)
  3. Ubuntu 18.04 in a virtual machine (fresh installation, but still unstable, of course)

Is this a programming error? Or is your network under constant attack by malicious nodes flooding participants (peers, middle nodes)?

At the moment the network or the application seem broken and unusable to me.

Any ideas?

regards, domz