Tribler 6.5.2 no longer starts after installing Windows 10 Creators update


I installed Windows 10 Creators update and now Tribler does not start. A dialog box pops up and reads "See the logfile ‘C:\Users******\AppData\Roaming\Tribler.exe.log’ for details. The log reads:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 127, in
File “Tribler\Main\tribler.pyo”, line 82, in main

File “Tribler\Main\tribler.pyo”, line 64, in run

File “Tribler\Main\tribler_main.pyo”, line 52, in

File “wx_init_.pyo”, line 45, in

File “wx_core.pyo”, line 4, in

File “wx_core_.pyo”, line 12, in
File “wx_core_.pyo”, line 10, in __load

ImportError: DLL load failed: The operating system cannot run %1.



Created an account to say that I’m having this exact same problem & log :frowning:

Edit: It works for me after doing “troubleshoot compatibility.” Try setting compatibility mode for it to Windows Vista (Service Pack 2).


Same issue for me as well.
Thanks for the tip regarding compatibility mode!


I stumbled on a solution. I started Tribler as administrator and it opened successfully. Right-click on the Tribler shortcut and select “Run as administrator”. I have to do this on the PC that was updated to Windows 10 Creators, but not for the PC that has Windows 10, but not updated.


Tried starting as admin. But that did not work for me.

Noted that setting compatiblilty to vista made the downloading work like a charm but it made my surface pro 4 i7 extremely slow and unstable.

I changed it now to windows 8 compatibility. And now everything is hunky dory.


I am not sure why an individual who is trying to protect their anonymity online when downloading torrents would be using windows 10. Windows 10 is practically a Trojan horse pretending to be an OS. Microsoft Windows 10 is literally logging keystrokes, logging what you download, logging what is on your hard drive, logging what software and games you run and what is contained in text files, in emails, what you type into anything or any program on your PC. All of this information being sent directly to Microsoft servers/cloud. This is beyond absolutely unacceptable to someone who cares about their anonymity and privacy.

As far as I know it is impossible to fully stop windows 10 from collecting information and sending it to Microsoft without disabling automatic updates and therefore opening your system up to security issues due to not being able to patch it when security updates come out.

Why are people using Windows 10 if they care about their privacy and anonymity?
Is using Tribler on an OS like windows 10 going to really protect your anonymity when windows 10 sprays out so much information to Microsoft?
I mean if you were to download anything that Microsoft deems to be infringing on their copyrights they would probably still be able to see that you did so and then proceed with some type of legal action against you.
Since Microsoft pretty well has direct access to what is on a pc using windows 10, How can Tribler really protect against that? I don’t think anything can really protect against that unless it patches all the “back doors” Microsoft has built into Windows 10.

I just really do not get why anyone who cares about this sort of stuff would ever use windows 10. If no one uses it, Microsoft will be forced to stop doing this shit to their users.


Oh the fanboyism…Linux has the same gaping holes for security that Windows does, it’s just more people use and like to hate on Microsoft for being a mega-corporation.

All these sites getting hacked? Run on linux, open-source software, and spread more infections to Windows users that they’d otherwise never wind up with…

But hey, keep telling people Linux distros weren’t caught selling user information and Apple can’t be hacked so windows users can laugh at the ignorance people keep spreading. :expressionless:

Anyway, solution is as other’s have posted : Run in Compat Mode for windows 8/7/Vista as Admin, stop thinking people can’t spy on Linux, and have fun testing the software.


There is a hell of a giant chasm of a difference between some random hacker finding some rare exploit that just might let them get into your box if they happen to target you at the exact right moment when you are vulnerable to the threat.

And a giant mega corporation literally writing the entire operating system that you paid for to suck up everything single bit of your data and record everything you do and report it all back to them.

So what you just said makes absolutely no sense at all. Windows 10 is a literal gaping security hole that can never be patched. There is no security at all with Windows 10.

Even if “Linux” was full of gaping security holes (In general “Linux” is not full of security holes), that would not even be comparable to what Windows 10 is.
Btw I never even mentioned “Linux” once in my post, So not sure how that is “Fanboyism”?
People will use what they want. That does not mean I am not going to let people know that Windows 10 is literally a Trojan Horse.

If you enjoy being milked like a cow then go ahead and use Windows 10. No skin off my teeth.


FYI, RC4 seems to have fixed this. I did uninstall manually, then deleted the c:\Program Files (x86)\Tribler directory, then installed RC4 but now it boots and seems to be downloading well.


Says that in Nov 17.

Currently January 2018 and the entire world, Linux and Mac included, is jumping over jellybeans because Intel had been shipping CPUs with flaws that allowed for memory sniffing on A L L operating systems until they were patched.

So no fucking chasm…same fucking hole.

Fanboys, I swear.

Anyway, doesn’t matter what OS you’re using the fucking Tribler software is leaking metadata…guess we’ll blame that on Microsoft too, eh? :unamused:


For everyone having issues on Windows 10 with Tribler 6.5.2, please try out our Tribler 7 preview (see


Thank you so much for this tip; setting compatibility to Windows 8 solved the problem for me.