There is no way to make torrent files


Many torrent softwares have a function to make torrent files or magnet addresses. But Tribler doesn’t have the function so I can’t share my files using Tribler.


You can create new torrents on your channel page.


Is the channel anonymous? Can’t you or someone find my IP address or something?


The channel is bound to your member ID, which gets randomly generated the first time you start Tribler. This key is stored in the ec.pem and ecpub.pem files in your .Tribler directory. If you delete those, a new identity will be created and you will lose write permissions to your channel (if you didn’t create a fully open channel).

When running any bittorrent client, anybody can find your IP address by simply joining the same swarm you are in. It’s a different thing to bind the IP address to an actual person’s identity. Where you would need the ISP to tell you to what endpoint that particular IP was assigned to at that specific point in time and try to follow up from there.


Bad bad bad guys, you need to put a simple button to create a torrent, i switch to another client for this simple reason… :frowning: