Super super slow since the last update

Before I’ve never had any issues, but the last few days every download
indicates anything between a couple of weeks and forever . (even with zero hops)

Any other torrent client on the same network is super fast.
What could be causing this?


Dear Duckduckduck,
That is a very serious problem!
Could you elaborate the details of this please? Is this with new v7.12.1? On Windows 10 or something else?
Could you try out on the same swarm first another torrent client and then Tribler for an exact measurement of this problem?
Many thanks for helping us out, j.

I’ve also noticed slow speeds since going from 7.12.0 to 7.12.1. On Win 10. Torrents with about 100 seeders work fine. It seems that if there are less seeders, then the speed drops off to close to zero.

ae5df861a0f6af215f3d242efb67a5f48ec1db33 is an example of a newish torrent that has a few seeders, but Tribler downloaded to 75%, and has slowly dropped to no downloading and a ETA of forever.