Suggestions for Tribler UI

Here are a few options that should be added to Tribler which are common to almost all other torrent clients.

  1. Option to start Tribler on Windows login.
  2. Option to start Tribler minimized.
  3. Option to minimize to taskbar OR minimize to tray. (currently Tribler is in both locations at the same time)
  4. Option when clicking X to close Tribler OR minimize instead. (To prevent from closing Tribler by accident.)
  5. Under the “Files”, “Trackers”, “Peers” tabs we should be able to sort by the column of our choosing.
  6. under the “Trackers” tab we should be able to add or remove trackers from any torrent.

Of course there are many more UI tweaks possible but as I mentioned these 6 options are already available in all other torrent clients I have looked at. Thanks for reading.


Would you kindly post your suggestions as an Issue on our GitHub?

. Ok done. Thank you.

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