Since a week 20 / 30 kb/s


What’s the matter with the Tribler network?

Everybody knows that Tribler is slow. Now the speeds are no more than 30 kbs and this has been happening for a week. Even torrents with many seeds are very slow.

I’m using Tribler_7.0.0-rc1_x64

The last Tribler rc2 Crash on my WD 8.1 X64 computer.

Yesterday I reinstalled Tribler. No improvement.

My network work fine.


Same here on v6.5.2. Its always slow with anon’ downloads but has become unusable recently. I’ve followed the project since its outset and speeds have gradually declined for me. I suspect that exit node bandwidth available to the project is not what it was. Torrents in my list with hundreds of seeds have ground to a complete halt. If I restart tribler some throughput resumes for a while, then halts once more.

A status report from the team would be appreciated…


I have ordered a VPN router, I expect those the coming week.

I work now 1½ years with Tribler with varying experiences. Always i took the time for the downloads, Sometimes a week or more.

I have respect for the commitment of the community and the volunteers, but this program has too many issues. Tribler has a long way to go before it’s finished.

I wish the team good luck with this project.

I will definitely follow the developments.



Just a guess, but the servers the Tribler team uses are down. They are the ones that handle most of the downloads at the moment (since the amount of exit nodes are very limited) and then everything goes to a halt if no other person with Tribler is seeding the exact torrents you are trying to download. Something similar happened last Christmas (or the one before that)

For now, i don’t know if there’s much to do apart from possibly making yourself an exit node to help others. Though VPN is recommended since you’ll be doing other peoples traffic, and you don’t really know what people are downloading with you as a middle man.

Edit: Or more obviously, using no anonymity will make things fast as any other torrent program, but no anonymity obviously.


I can’t run an exit node I have mobile 4G internet and the bandwidth is not that much. A few months ago it was turned on and the internet lay flat.

Since i use Tribler +/- 1½ year. I shared more than 100 TB. I can see that in my router.

I use al time external downloads.

I hope that Tribler get more exit nodes that is only possible with powerful PC’s and Broadband internet.



I am getting 0kb all of a sudden… No peers can be found at all…


The problem there are to Little exit nodes to keep the system running.

Request to Tribler users with powerful PC and broadband internet to support Tribler.

I can not help with my 4G LTE internet the bandwidth is to small.



We have a problem with one of our exit nodes unfortunately. We hope this will be fixed soon.