Setting Libtorrent port


For folks like me with upnp turned off as part of a security plan, how does one do something as simple as forward a port? I’d like to be as connectable as possible. The documentation states the default ports are 7759 & 7760 and that these can be changed, but the only configurable port is the frontend, which doesn’t seem like something anyone would need to even change.

I’ve searched for a couple hours yesterday both in the forums and related phrases and throughout the web for a hint. The debug section’s libtorrent tab is showing me a listen_interface port of 63xxx which seems…off. I’ve tried browsing the sqlite dbs to find this setting. This seems like something anyone with double NAT or VPN software would be able to really use, or am I missing something?

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Deja vu : Port forwarding wrong in FAQ, correction - #5 by pjvleeuwen

Previously I just gave up and ended up as a leach. Might be nice to get this answered.