Regarding DHT Node Calls Block Issue

I read this as mentioned by the developer, in my previous post.

From what I can understand, main reason contributing to this issue is the lack of exit nodes.

My conjecture gets some ground, due to the comment made by the developer in my previous post here.

From my POV, which is non-technical in nature & is as a consumer of the product.

I would like to propose the following suggestions, which I see currently, to resolve this issue as early as humanly possible.

  1. Bridging

I2P network is supported or bridged via a plugin in Tribler.

This bridge will help users of Tribler, as new set of peers from I2P will help in uploading/downloading the torrent. Thereby, bypassing the bottleneck of DHT Blocked calls currently faced by Tribler.

I am thinking on the line of something that can be seen from above image.

  1. Completely closed Dark-Net System

Best example is what I2P network is currently.

The biggest reasons for my suggestion :-

  • Whole network is e2e & p2p complete with garlic routing, network mixing, layered protection etc…
  • Everyone is a node as well as a relay. Exact same thing what Tribler was before CRI notices & reddit negative uproar.

What I think it will help in?

  • Help in solving DHT blocked calls issue as everyone will instantly become node as well as relay.
  • Since, it will be a closed network with no outproxy, less chances of receiving any copyright letters, as was the unfortunate issue before when Tribler was default relay as well as node for everyone.
  • Fixing the various issues with the Token Economy. Such as - blackhole token issue, uniting of token economies etc… mentioned in Vadim’s testament #6481.
  • Errors due to other dependent libraries would not affect project development of Tribler.
  • Channel feature, for which I think everyone in Tribler team was excited about. I think it can revive, being in a closed network might help in that regard. Since, NO IP would leak onto clearnet it would encourage users to make channels.
  • Better search integration & results. As users can create a torrent & then share the torrent inside the application itself. No need to go elsewhere*.*
  • Better & stable connections of DHT tunnels thereby helping users with torrenting speeds.

Concluding points :-

I hope, I have not burdened Tribler team with sudden influx of ideas.

I do realize since I am not writing the code it is easier to suggest than actually write the code & implement it correctly.

I do hope Tribler team toss around the suggestions in my two posts while they’re deciding further course of action. And as usual I will continue to throw my suggestions here on this subreddit as I use/read more about Tribler.

In any case, I would like to thank Tribler team for their efforts since past decade or so.