Questions re low qual service


weird stuff happening.
note 3 Tribler s running
tried to show the 3 screen shots - by dragging them here …
can’t close them, when I click the new and before unseen option to close, " files will be lost if u close" or similar. chasing CLOSE/restart makes an extra TRIBLER SYMBOL in bar but still cnt open or close.
seems dodgy
how can create this but manage it?
and it is always crashing, I have unlimited seeds allowed but rarely more than a few, peers rarely more than 0 except for a few seconds. I have - 149.7 GB token balance, only stop files that return to o% and re-download after crashes. how can this be fair- am I giving tokens to others? I HAVE 0 privacy set. can u explain. seems 7.1.5 crashes too. how many people really use this? it’s a trial to do so. or are u testing our stupidity to keep on using while collecting tokens/? . can u tell what u actually make out of this please?


@2481 Thank you for your report.
Multiple icons seems like a bug. We had similar reports in the past and we had a fix for that. We’ll investigate more into it. I assume you encountered the issue in the latest release 7.1.5.

About the token, they are only test token and yet does not have a real value. You earn token by seeding torrents or helping in anonymous downloading by relaying. There is no central server minting token. They are recorded on our blockchain called Trustchain and double spending of token can be detected. The negative balance indicates that net download is higher than upload. If you’re running Tribler idle or seeding torrents, you are likely to get token and the positive balance. However, it is normal to see negative balance in the beginning even though you are not downloading. This is because Tribler acts as a relay (not an exit node, of course) in the anonymous downloading circuit and downloads the torrent data before it can forward in the circuit.

About the people using it, you can see the distribution here:
Tribler is a p2p network so these are only the peers our crawler found. Regarding privacy, peers are identified by the public keys only.

Are u testing our stupidity to keep on using while collecting tokens/? . can u tell what u actually make out of this please?

Tribler is developed in an academic environment at the Blockchain Lab of Delft University of Technology and has been around since 2007. We have no intention of fooling anybody. Our intentions are academically pure. We want to provide software which users can use to search and download torrents with less worries or censorship. We do not make money out of it.

Feel free to post any more issues or questions. We’d be happy to answer.
This week we’ll be releasing a new version of Tribler 7.1.6. It would be nice if you could test out and let us know if you find the above issues.



Sandeep I am sorry about my angry ‘stupidity testing’ comment. it was very rude. it is terrific what you do, and free to users, i know that. Im not so up on all this, coins and tokens are different i se. I am sorry. i should stay away from keyboard when i’m annoyed.
it is frustrating that after crashes my finished downloads seem to be the ones that keep being finished again and again.
-but is the -170 GB why it’s slow to non existant?
Only one re start with 6 finished downloads alerting later they’d finished again. and i’d had to shut down myself when all programs froze. prob not new 7.2.1. thank you