[Question] Will mining tokens give me a copyright notice?


My ISP is known for having an automated packet scanning system for striking my service if it detects pirated content, in other words i don’t even need a third party to flag me to get a copyright letter, comcast does that on their side too, they see the traffic i am sending and receiving.

I want to contribute to the network however i fear that i will be having my internet shut down because of it, can someone clarify if:

  1. Is my IP address is exposed as distributing copyrighted content during token mining (I don’t want third parties sending notices to my ISP)

  2. When token mining, Is all of the content an encrypted stream or is it plaintext? (So comcast can’t scan my packets for copyrighted content)


NOw. Now.

D/L copyrighted material; no good, bad. lol

do you use a VPN with your Comcast???

check privacytools.io


@databoose As a neutral academic entity, we do not promote distribution of copyrighted materials.
However, users are always free to distribute whatever content you like.

Regarding your questions:

  1. As of current Tribler release v7.1.3, your IP is exposed during metadata request which prove that you searched for that content. However, this does not necessarily mean you’re downloading it. You have plausible deniability for saying you did not download the content.
  2. By default, token mining is done with one hop anonymity and all the contents exchanged (downloaded/uploaded) is encrypted, so nobody should be able to see or infer the actual content being exchanged. Unless you change the anonymity level to zero, it should be always be safe.