Private/Public chat windows


Is the design (programming) of Tribler such that a window for live chat between users, public or private, could be added? I’m a former user of (P2P) KDX for ftp and it had separate windows for chats/private messaging, and a bulletin board, both of which were pop-ups. I don’t recall any other P2P apps having that and I miss it.

If this question is more fitting for github, please transfer it for me. I don’t want to have to deal with yet another registration. Thanks much.


We realize that inter-user communication is a staple of user collaboration and certainly like to have it for our planned Collective Editing feature.
However, the feature is non-trivial to implement in a Sybil-proof way. If we decide to implement it, it is going to happen sometime next year, after we deploy our reputation system.