Possibly malformed metadata



I have been experiencing an error most likely caused by some malformed metadata of a torrent.
This means I keep getting a pop up every 15 seconds with a message that an error occurred during the request.
It seems like the other torrents are still working correctly in the background, although I am not sure about this.
This because the error makes the list of downloads unable to be displayed making me unable to check upon the status of my other downloads.
I was wondering if there was a method to manually remove the torrent in question.
Or perhaps an other way I can keep the torrent and resolve the issue that causes the error that prevents my list of downloads from being shown.

Thanks for the help in advance,
I wanted to share the full error message here, but the site prevents me from doing so because it detects some things as links in the error message and new users are limited to 2 links per post.
Thus you can find the error message here:


I would try brute force and remove the entire folder of the torrent you are downloading.


Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

I moved my entire directory with downloads.
Although the directory is now removed, it doesn’t remove the download from the database of Tribler.
The error still remains, and nothing shows up on my downloads page. :frowning:

But it seems that all the other downloads in Tribler still work correctly, as their directories have been recreated, and they are being downloaded again.
Even though I can not see their state or progress or what is going on through Tribler.
I can see through my operating system that their directories are slowly being filled :smiley:

I think it is an error in displaying the names in Tribler.
Causing me to only receive errors instead of showing my downloads list.
Even if I keep clicking the error away every 15 seconds,
the download page just stays empty.
Attached a screen shot of the error from Tribler