Port forwarding wrong in FAQ, correction

The port forwarding in the Tribler_org website April 30, 2020 11:33 PM incorrectly states that the program uses ports 7760 and 7759 for TCP/UDP (visit [FAQ][1], launch the Console panel in the DevTools by Ctrl+Shift+J on Windows [⌘+Option+J on macOS], then use JS selector document.querySelector("#content > div > div:nth-child(17) > div.faq_question") in browser console).

However, Tribler 7.4.4 and Tribler 7.5.0-rc5 both use port 8085 for GUI/core connection. This is confirmed by tribler/src/tribler-gui/tribler_gui/defs.py 558b0d8 on line 6.


I suggest in future that the website FAQ build be automated to avoid these human or handwritten errors.

Also, it may be advisable to include information about the Proxy port (e.g., whether or not it needs forwarding or NAT triggering).

8085 api port is only for local http api calls, for core to talk with gui. This port is not exposed to external connections.

7759 is the default port ipv8 for distributed overlay connections so the docs are correct.


Nevertheless, not only seeding, even downloading suddenly nearly doesn’t work, with 2 hops: no seeds, no peers. Changing settings to no hops ‘clears’ the problem. But that’s not what Tribler is for.

@mavadatt ,thanks for reporting!
The documentation is lagging as usual… We’re going to update it en masse after 7.5 release is out.

@ichorid I found this thread because I wanted to report a similar issue. The FAQ page is the same as in the screenshot above. The FAQ refers to Settings -> Connection, but on that settings page we only see the GUI port, so that is a bit confusing / misleading.

Could you maybe point out where I can see the incoming connections port in the settings?

I can imagine it might be a bit overwelming if you know there is a lot more to update. Even so, maybe better now then later, to update this FAQ :slight_smile:

For reference, this seems linked to this ticket running since Oct 2020 : https://github.com/Tribler/tribler/issues/5604