Pay other users in IPv8 token for priority downloading?


The mainline Bittorrent client has a feature called Bittorrent Speed, which allows users to pay BTT token for faster download speeds. Will Tribler ever do anything similar with IPv8 bandwidth tokens. On a sidenote, Bittorrent company is building Bittorrent File System, which is competing with IPFS, will Tribler ever do anything similar with IPFS, with anonymity through IPv8 and the IPv8 token as the native currency which is used to pay others to pin your file, you would pay 1 gigabyte of trust tokens for 1 gigabyte of total storage, even if the file is repeated across multiple peers. I would allow my IPFS node to be used for that, so long as I earned bandwidth tokens. However, it would take extra effort to anonymize the IPFS Kademlia DHT to route to the exit node versus the actual node. It would work with IPv8 out of the box because IPFS supports TCP, and UDP, which Tribler IPFS would use UDP. Other than that, it would have a file list and search engine like Tribler does. I think that this is necessary because the IPFS love to toot their own horn about censorship resistance and privacy despite doing nothing to secure their protocol for those goals. Much of the Tribler core could be reused if necessary.


This is exactly the kind of thing the team discussed over the last few months. Instead of tokens, we are planning to use a “social score” system that is simpler and much more scalable than any cryptocurrency. The system will encourage participants to provide three kinds of services to the network: anonymity bandwidth, disk space for seeding and quality metadata editing.
However, until the end of 2021 we are going to focus on bringing crowdsourcing features to our Channels system and radically improving the search quality.