Pasting torrent


I use version 6.5.2 in Linux.

What I am missing is a way to change the number of hops that are used on running downloads.

A way to get around this is copy the magnetic link, remove the download (change the number of hops) and add it again with the copied magnetic link.
However doing so removes the name of the download. It is not a big issue but I guess worth noting.

Another issue is the speed, or actually the lack of it in the user interface. Everything is reacting very slow and I often have to wait half a minute before I can proceed with opening a menu or something like that.

Why isn’t this program developed with a decent compiler and why isn’t it using threads? This would improve the interaction with the user interface a lot.


Tribler 7, (see other forum posts, release candidate out) has major improvements in both speed and usability. Also lets you change hops of a torrent by right clicking it, and selecting the number you want.