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I posted this very old idea that is not yet done and can be done quite fastly,…
to forum,… and copied here,… trible is very near what needed,…
just add indexing, some changes to search and need’s promotion get
people use!



Synchting is GREAT!

There is need at science people to have open system to distribute scientific paper’s. Also we open eBook’s and libraryes.

Syncthing could be easyly developed to work as well as public shareing system Open Science paper’s, Open eBooks,… This type information need’s more complex search/index system and connectivity to library indexing programs like,…

There could be choice to have encryption in use or not depending network, material source,…

So,… BTSYnc whit better indexing and possibility not to use encryption to save system resources!!


That shouldn’t be hard to do with Tribler, Just create a channel dedicated to scientific papers.


It’s not so simple. Trible need’s development, some structural elements and then
advertising usage.

  1. indexin inside chanel, library classification system
  2. search
  3. data field for citation’s
  4. strong user authetication suppport

These are mainly subjetct of GUI and some datafields more,
user authetication is bit complex,… bit opposite to needs
at other usages.


for strong auth: each member of a community is already signing the messages it publishes, you just need to tie that key with a real identity.

We are having some students write documentation for dispersy (the protocol/library used in Tribler to implement the communities) so I guess you will be able to have a look at it soon if you are interested in implementing a new community type. Obviously, if you are in a hurry, you can directly have a look at existing community implementations.



There could be financing for intrested people to code,… ,… I have not gone deep this material
but understood this could be way to get money and boost tribler open science librray ?


Maybe @root is interested on this


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