No Seeders/Leechers But Tor Browser Connects


Hello All,
I understand Tribler borrows a few things from the Tor project.
The Tor Browser on my network connects just fine with no configuration of the adsl router required. Browsing is acceptable.

Unfortunately Tribler does not find any peers even after leaving it on overnight. I loaded some libreoffice torrents to test.

I read the FAQ page and see some ports listed (TCP 7760 TCP 7759 UDP 7760 UDP 7759). Is this FAQ considered up-to-date? There are no corresponding settings in the 7.x series of Tribler.

Where to start with troubleshooting? Thanks.


Hi and thank you for using Tribler!

Our FAQ is quite outdated but if I’m correct, UDP port 7759 is used for peer-to-peer communication. However, Tribler does not require other (Tribler) peers if you do not download with anonymity enabled. Could you provide a bit more information? I.e. is you download stuck in a specific state (for example, ‘building circuits’)?